Genuine Under Armour "Storm-Favorite" Bulletproof Backpack-2 Colors

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We have a limited supply of Genuine Under Armour Backpacks that we are combining with our Bulletproof Backpack Inserts.  Don't you just love the concept of Under Armour---with real Bulletproof Armour? These Medium sized Water Resistant backpacks (Original Manufacturer Price is $44.99) are perfect for middle school up to adult, and snugly hold our 12" X 16" round top Ballistic shield in the compartment pocket.  The bulletproof shield weighs just over 1.5 lb and can stop handgun rounds up to 44 Magnum. (I personally tested one recently with my .45 at 18 inches away and it stopped it cold.) 2 colors to choose from, Pink and Teal.