Our Story

Safe At My School was started by a 23 year School Teacher and High School Safety Coordinator after feeling inadequately prepared to respond to school emergencies.  It started with designing an adequate first aid kit for the classroom and we soon felt the need to custom design a First-Responder type of first aid kit to equip a willing teacher, or anyone else, with the supplies necessary to save lives not just in a school emergency, but almost anywhere.

Our next step was to help prepare teachers to protect their students and themselves in the event of an active shooter in school, which seems to be increasing in frequency, with a lightweight, convenient and discreet ballistic shield.  This was a difficult decision to offer ballistic shields from our little company started by a teacher.  The biggest hurdle was emotionally accepting that this product was necessary.  In good conscience though, we felt if we could help protect our youth and our professional educators from the senseless and often random violence that they might face in their schools that it was our responsibility to do so. Our bulletproof backpacks and backpack inserts are NIJ (National Institute of Justice) rated level IIIA, which is for handgun rounds up to 44 Magnum as well as being pierce resistant in a knife attack.  

It soon became obvious that we should make our bulletproof backpacks available to students of every age from elementary to college so that they can have some form of protection with them at school. 

As we continue to see so many news reports of random violence in movie theaters, restaurants and shopping centers and pretty much everywhere, we have decided to offer our custom designed first aid kits and Bulletproof Backpacks and Backpack Inserts to everyone. It sounds like strange marketing, but our sincere hope is that none of our products will ever be needed, but since we can’t predict when or where you might be faced with a need to protect yourself or render life saving first aid for a friend, a loved one or a stranger, we hope you will choose products from Safe At My School (S.A.M.S.) 

It’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.