Genuine Under Armour "Storm-Hustle II" Bulletproof Backpack-LAST ONE

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$149 INVENTORY CLEARANCE! Manufactured July 2018.We have a limited supply of Genuine Under Armour Backpacks that we are combining with our Bulletproof Backpack Inserts.  Don't you just love the concept of Under Armour---with real Bulletproof Armour? These Large sized Water Resistant backpacks (Original Manufacturer Price is $54.99) are perfect for students in High School, College and adults, and snugly hold our largest 12" X 18" round top Ballistic shield in the compartment pocket for maximum coverage.  The bulletproof shield weighs under 2 lb and can stop handgun rounds up to 44 Magnum. (I personally tested one recently with my .45 at 18 inches away and it stopped it cold.) 3 colors to choose from, Black/Red, Navy/Gray, Blue/Orange.